You Should See Me In A Crown: Review in 5 Gifs & Fave Quotes

Sometimes, words just aren’t enough. Sometimes, you need something with a little more oomph to really get the point across. And what better way to get a point across than with


I literally use GIFs all the time to really communicate how I’m feeling or what I’m trying to say in a way that text just can’t.

Well… since I just finished publishing my full review on You Should See Me In A Crown, let’s take it a step further and review it using only 5 GIFs, shall we?

You Should See Me In A Crown Blog Tour

Happy Humpday friends of B+S!  It’s been a crazy, crazy time here in the States, and I’ve been wrapped up in the thick of it and the intensity of it all is exhausting. I’m due for a much needed break. Luckily for me, I was able to tear myself away from the madness for just a moment and get lost in an amazingly funny, scarily accurate, and nostalgia-inducing contemporary, young adult novel about self-discovery, friendship, and first-loves. And today, I get to gush all about this jewel of a book called, You Should See Me In A Crown  to you all, so that I can make you fall in love with being young and in love all over again, just like I did.   



Let me not be the one who steals all the fun though, please go check out the other amazing bloggers who are not only writing amazing reviews, but also giving some dope creative content to showcase just how the book made them feel the feels. Check them out:

Hot Off The Shelves: October 2020 Book Releases

Happy October friends of B+S!!!! Can you believe that we are already here? It’s insane, honestly, but it’s definitely not bad because October just so happens to be my favorite time of year…
**cue exaggerated gasps**

Yeah… yeah… I know. I say it all the time how much I love this time of year. You know, you can at least pretend I haven’t said it before…

Ok.. so… where was I? Oh yeah, October…

October is here, and with it comes some amazing new reads ready to fly off the shelves and soar into our hearts and homes.

I’m not just talking about books of the spooky variety either (though tis the season to be ghouly). There are some amazing YA and MG, fantasy, even a couple of graphic novels that are premiering this month, and they all have the potential to make October 2020 one of your most exciting and exhausting TBR months to date.

Oh… hey there! It’s me… Bri. Enjoying this much needed kiwi-strawberry mimosa.

I love swaddling myself with warm, fuzzy blankets and curling up on the couch with a YA or Adult Fantasy novel in one hand, and my favorite cup of coffee, tea, or wine (depending on the position of the sun at the time) in my other hand. I love staring out of the window on rainy, Autumn days, when the air is cool and crisp, admiring the colors of the leaves as they transition from their lively greens to their somber brown, yellow and orange hues. Cuddling with my husband, Rory, and my two pups, Bear and Poka, is my favorite pastime. His kisses and their wet nose boops set my heart chakra aflame. 


I’m a lackadaisical  kitchen witch, with a green thumb; a stargazer and an element manipulator… I’m all things without being one single thing at all.


Hey everyone… I’m Bri. 



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