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Oh… hey there! It’s me… Bri. Enjoying this much needed kiwi-strawberry mimosa.

I love swaddling myself with warm, fuzzy blankets and curling up on the couch with a YA or Adult Fantasy novel in one hand, and my favorite cup of coffee, tea, or wine (depending on the position of the sun at the time) in my other hand. I love staring out of the window on rainy, Autumn days, when the air is cool and crisp, admiring the colors of the leaves as they transition from their lively greens to their somber brown, yellow and orange hues. Cuddling with my husband, Rory, and my two pups, Bear and Poka, is my favorite pastime. His kisses and their wet nose boops set my heart chakra aflame. 


I’m a lackadaisical  kitchen witch, with a green thumb; a stargazer and an element manipulator… I’m all things without being one single thing at all.


Hey everyone… I’m Bri. 



Books and Shadows (B+S) is a little place where the Magic of Books collides with the Magic of our Universe. 


Here, you can find an enchanting blend of book reviews, bookish news, book tags, book memes and product showcases.  Entwined with articles that focus on Nature, the Cosmos and the simple Magic that we’re able to create here on Earth. 


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F is for Friday's Book Beginnings

It’s Friday, Friyay, or whatever other way you Fri, friends of B+S! It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a Friday bookish meme, and I couldn’t be more excited about this one…

Today, I’m going to do a mash-up of two popular memes to bring you guys one knock-out end of the week post:

Welcome to F is for Friday’s Book Beginnings!!!

Here, you will get the adoration of the Book Beginnings meme mixed with the the four questions from the F is for Friday meme, bringing you the ultimate biblio-freak out post. What’s not to love?

(Well maybe the total mental breakdown of a book freak… maybe you won’t love that too much.)

Top Ten Tuesday: Most Anticipated Book Releases for the Second Half of 2020

Tuesday is here, friends of B+S, which means we kicked Monday’s butt, which also means that Monday is at home licking its wounds, rebuilding its energy, and awaiting the chance to come and plague us with its Manic Monday vibes once more next week… Damn you, Monday!

Most importantly though, it means that Top Ten Tuesday is upon us once more!

Last week, we chatted it up about the meme’s 10th Birthday, and we talked about my top 10 unread books on my bookshelf.

This week we get to talk about our most anticipated books for the second half of 2020, and basically get to do the bookish version of my favorite part of going to the movie theater:

The Previews!!!

B+S Book Review: Girl With Three Eyes

First… Where in the heck has Bri been all this time?!

OMG, my friends… my dear, dear friends. I have been away from you all for far too long. In the midst of everything that has been happening in our country the past three weeks, I’ve had a major roller-coaster of emotions hit me all at once. I couldn’t process what I was feeling and write honest, wholesome blog posts about Fantasy books that I adored or didn’t adore so much.

It just didn’t seem authentic and my writer’s block was REAL! So even when I tried to make myself write, nothing was clicking.

I decided that I needed to take some personal time to ensure I was ok, mentally. My chosen therapeutic methods weren’t exactly conventional but they were what I needed to get through.

I yelled at the tv… I cried at the injustice and the hate. When I got tired of being angry and sad, I watched shows that made me feel good… and I did some of the best reading that I’ve done in a long time. I was nice to myself and didn’t try to rush the process of my mental healing. By last week, I was feeling more grounded and ready to get back to my life and normalcy.

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