the Girl Behind the Shadows

Oh… hey there! It’s me… Bri. Enjoying this much needed kiwi-strawberry mimosa.

I love swaddling myself with warm, fuzzy blankets and curling up on the couch with a YA or Adult Fantasy novel in one hand, and my favorite cup of coffee, tea, or wine (depending on the position of the sun at the time) in my other hand. I love staring out of the window on rainy, Autumn days, when the air is cool and crisp, admiring the colors of the leaves as they transition from their lively greens to their somber brown, yellow and orange hues. Cuddling with my husband, Rory, and my two pups, Bear and Poka, is my favorite pastime. His kisses and their wet nose boops set my heart chakra aflame. 

I’m a lackadaisical  kitchen witch, with a green thumb; a stargazer and an element manipulator… I’m all things without being one single thing at all.

Hey everyone… I’m Bri. 


Books and Shadows (B+S) is a little place where the Magic of Books collides with the Magic of our Universe. 

Here, you can find an enchanting blend of book reviews, bookish news, book tags, book memes and product showcases.  Entwined with articles that focus on Nature, the Cosmos and the simple Magic that we’re able to create here on Earth. 

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What’s New on the Blog

First Line Friday: March 20th Edition

Happy Friday friends of B+S! I’m sitting at my desk, with my balcony door open and it’s bringing in a nice Spring breeze, reminding me that the season of rebirth is finally here. It feels nice, so I’m feeling nice, and when I’m feeling nice, I’m usually bursting with energy- which I am right now. With all this energy, there’s only one thing to do: Book Meme! Duh, right? As you can see, First Line Friday is what’s cooking in the meme oven tonight, and guess what… Dinner’s ready, baby!

What’s First Line Friday?

FLF is a cool little meme created by the wonderful Wandering Words where you post the first line or first few lines of a book you’re currently reading (or will be reading) to draw your followers in, and then finally revealing the book so everyone can hurry up and buy a copy themselves lol. It’s super simple and a lot of fun.

Bri's Bookish and (Not So Bookish) Thoughts

Hey there friends of B+S! I don’t know about all of you, but it feels like my life has been flipped upside down with all the craziness that 2020 has thrown our way. In the wake of the madness, I felt it would be a great time to introduce a new theme to my blog. One that allows more of my personal thoughts to come thru, while giving you guys a peek on what’s going on in this amazing and cluttered brain of mine. Every Thursday, I’m now bringing to you: Bri’s Bookish and (Not So Bookish) Thoughts!

B+S Book Review: Occupied by Kurt Blorstad

Hey there friends of B+S! I am coming at you with another B+S’s Book Review on the historical-fiction, Occupied by Kurt Blorstad. Mr. Blorstad reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing his book one day, and I was 1000 percent, over the moon excited for the opportunity. This was the first time anyone had asked little ol’ me to review their work, and I quickly agreed. As with any of my Book Reviews, whether a copy bought or a copy sent, I promise to be completely honest and stress what I loved and didn’t love about the book. No funny business over here… I promise!

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