Happy “Book Tag” Tuesday friends of B+S! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted one of these, and this one is a good one because I get to reintroduce myself to my new followers! Today’s book tag is all about going “Behind the Blogger”.

Nikki (Nikki Swifts Reads), your blog makes others envious, and your honesty is admired by all… thank you for nominating me!

Ellyn , thanks for giving us such a great way to get to know each other. We’re forever indebted to you…

Why Did You Start Blogging? Why Have You Kept Blogging?

I’ve actually had the dream of a full-functioning, active blog for about 10 years now. Back when blogs were on the rise, I was trying to dabble. My only problem is that I didn’t have a niche. I knew I had a lot to say, but didn’t know what I wanted to blog. It had to be something I felt really passionate about. I attempted at least six different blogs, but nothing seemed to stick. I wasn’t really into talking about those various failed topics and the engagement suffered.

Well, last year, I discovered OwlCrate and then discovered Bookstagram and the massive book community that thrived there, and then I had that “Aha!” moment. I love to read and I love book clubs… let’ try a book blog! But then I took it further and made it a dual blog about books and witchy things. As I began to venture deeper into my studies and growth in the Craft, I felt that blogging about my journey would be beneficial for not only myself to reference, but for other novice witches finding their way.

Once I jumped into this world of blogging, my mental health, focus, and drive have all excelled. This blog has given me new direction and aspirations, and I’ve become nothing but a better person since I started. Not to mention that all the people I’ve met along the way have been nothing short of amazing and inspirational. I think I’ll stay for a bit if everyone doesn’t mind. 🙂

What is your favorite type of blog post to write?

Ok… so I’m going to cheat a bit: I love writing book reviews and my witchy posts.

Book reviews are so much fun because I really love to talk in real life. Like, no kidding, I will talk your ears off, if you give me the attention, about anything I’m really passionate about or interested in. So, reading an amazing or not so amazing book can be like watching an amazing or not so amazing movie for me. I would want to talk all about it and have real in-depth convos about the plot or my gripes with anyone else who has read it. With book reviews, I’m able to have that conversation indirectly with my readers. And hopefully, they will engage me. It’s a lot of fun.

The witchy posts are special to me for many reasons. Sharing my spirituality wasn’t something that was easy on my anxiety. I’ve always kept that part of my life pretty private. However, I felt that in order for me to really advance in the Craft, I needed to face my fears and stop “hiding” who I am. Every time I post on my Shadows side of the blog, there’s a deep sense of pride that I have that can’t be matched.

What are your top three favorite blog posts you wrote?

My very first book review (even though I look at how much I developed since then and kinda cringe):

B+S Book Review: We Hunt the Flame

Talking about my love of gardening:

How to be a Green Witch in the City

My first ever Shadows post where I came out the “witchy closet” to many who never knew:

New Moon Ritual: A Beginner’s Guide

What are some of your favorite things to do to relax?

You’re currently reading this on a book blog, so we won’t state the obvious. But, I do have a few things in my arsenal to keep my tranquility in order. I love to garden. The entire act of planting, nurturing, harvesting and eating your own foods does something to the psyche. Never physically had a child, but I’m sure watching plants you grew from babies grow into adults is a very, very pale comparison to the joy you feel raising children.


I’m also practicing regular meditation and yoga…that really helps me ground myself and bring some harmony and balance.

What are three of your favorite things?

  1. Anything Fall: Seriously, the entire season and everything it embodies.
  2. Halloween: It seems cliche, I know, but it’s nonetheless true.
  3. Full Moons: My energy is unmatched during a full moon, I just love embracing my femininity during this time.

What are your proudest blogging moments?

Honestly, just committing to this blog and regularly engaging it brings me so much joy and makes my heart feel so full. I’m so proud every time my keyboard starts to write a post or respond to a comment.

Another proud moment is whenever someone reaches out to me to review their book. For someone to think my writing is worthy enough to represent their life’s work is amazing to me. I will never get used to the compliment.

What are your hobbies outside of blogging?

Since blogging is my main hobby and I work full-time and have a family, I don’t have time for much else. I do plan to start podcasting soon though!

Describe your personality in three words

  • Silly
  • Empathetic
  • Fiesty

What are your top three pet peeves?

  1. Bookstagrammers who have a zillion followers because of amazing pictures of books, but can’t hold a decent convo about any of the books they’re taking pics of…
  2. Nails on chalkboards and squeaking styrofoams
  3. Dirty bathrooms and kitchens in someone’s home

What’s something your followers don’t know about you?

I have an extreme fear of opossums. I was attacked by one when I was younger and never recovered mentally.

No joke… it sucked to even put that gif on here.

So that’s all about Bri guys! I never know who to nominate on these things because so many of us participate, so if you’re reading this and you love it, tag yourself! Make a post! Come back and leave a comment linking your post and I would love to read your responses…

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