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Happy Humpday friends of B+S!  It's been a crazy, crazy time here in the States, and I've been wrapped up in the thick of it and the intensity of it all is exhausting. I'm due for a much needed break. Luckily for me, I was able to tear myself away from the madness for...

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Fall Into Some Autumn Reads…

Fall Into Some Autumn Reads…

Guess what guys... I went outside today to walk the dogs around 6 AM, and... it.. was... chilly! I mean, really, really, chilly. Like I was quite upset I didn't grab a hoodie and some sweats chilly. This makes me the happiest little bean in the pot! You wanna know...

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The September Do-Over TBR

The September Do-Over TBR

Oh, hello September! Fancy seeing you here so quickly. It seems like it was only yesterday that July was here, and I was preparing for my big August TBR haul, and now I'm staring at the calendar with a pit in my belly that I let it  all slip through my little fingers....

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Book of Shadows: The Witches Pyramid

Book of Shadows: The Witches Pyramid

I'm sure anyone venturing down the path of the Craft has been told (or read) more than once that "One cannot simply wake up one day and recite a spell and call themselves a Witch. One must study..."  or at least something along those lines.  Well, I can be the first...

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F is for Friday’s Book Beginnings!

F is for Friday’s Book Beginnings!

It's Friday, Friyay, or whatever other way you Fri, friends of B+S! It's been quite a while since I've posted a Friday bookish meme, and I couldn't be more excited about this one... Today, I'm going to do a mash-up of two popular memes to bring you guys one knock-out...

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3 days ago
At some point today, take 30 minutes to watch an Earth documentary and fall in love with her again.

Terra’s a baddie. Just sayin’… 🌍
4 days ago
Anyone who can’t understand why black, indigenous, and brown people- or really any person of color- are upset and frustrated about the Gabby Petito media coverage and the attention her case received…

Congrats on your privilege.
5 days ago
Listen to "1. BitS 101, the 3 C's of Witchcraft and being a Material Girl" by Bri’z in the Shadows . ⚓

7 days ago
Ok but has your period ever literally come out of nowhere and scare the shit out of you?


Oh ok… thought I would ask.
booksnshadows photo
2 weeks ago
I swear when they say your worst times are disguised as your biggest blessings, they weren’t lying.

The Season of the Witch never disappoints.