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I love everything FALL, curling up with a YA or Adult Fantasy novel in one hand, and my favorite cup of coffee, tea, or wine (depending on the position of the sun at the time) in my other hand. I live for the simple things y’know… I’m a stargazer and an element manipulator… a lackadaisical kitchen witch, with a green thumb. I’m all things without being one single thing at all.

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Listen to "It's Not You... It's Not Me Either! It's the Dark Moon. " by Bri Hotchkiss ⚓
Remember that first episode? Well...

Listen to "Scratch Dat...". ⚓
So this lunar eclipse is absolutely gorgeous. You can still get outside and catch her if you’re awake! (In the US… not sure about anyone else 😅)
Ok… but my married ladies out there: Do you ever feel like you can’t be as sexy as you feel or want to be because there’s a taboo in society for married women to be sexy and provocative for anyone except their husband?

Or is it just me, because…
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Ok… but this new Halloween is trash 😑
Don’t know who needs to hear this but… soak your grapes in vinegar water before you eat them. Don’t just rinse them under the faucet.

I say this because I love you.