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Happy Friday friends of B+S! I’m back at you with another First Line Friday, the April 10th Edition. This book is one that has been highly anticipated, since the day I pre-ordered it 4 months ago. I can’t give out too many details about my next read so early in the post though, you guys still have to guess what the book is based on the first few lines.

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my coffee drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. You will not be charged extra, and you’ll keep me supplied with more money to buy more books for my bookshelf. It’s a win for everyone, really.

Just in case you’re new to the game, and not sure how First Line Friday works, check out my previous post. Ok, let’s get to it, shall we:

All was darkness. Vast and cold and alive. She could feel it breathing, shifting, wanting from her. There was nothing to stop it from consuming her alive.

If you’re into Slovic folklore, heavy metal, and lots and lots of blood and eyes, this book is just for you!

Can you guess the name of this gruesome and grotesque beauty? Do you know the title of this monstrous romance?

No? No worries. I got your back…

I am mooooore than excited to dive into Ruthless Gods! It’s the second book to the Wicked Saints trilogy. Wicked Saints was the first book I received from OwlCrate. It was so dark and goth and bloody and creepy, and I loved it! The great thing about getting the book from OwlCrate is that it came with its own exclusive cover design- which was velvety and amazing. Well, because they released Wicked Saints in the box, they also got dibs on Ruthless Gods. So, now, I have two exclusive cover designs in the trilogy… and they’re talking about doing the last book as well. I haven’t taken any pictures of my OwlCrate cover design yet, but I’ll most likely post some with the book review.

Don’t know what Owlcrate is? Check out my post where I brag about this amazing subscription book box.

If you want to start your own journey down this dark and twisted tale, click the books and get your copies:

Until next time guys…

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