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Hello, friends of B+S, It’s Friday, Friyay, Fri-Hey Hey Hey.. whichever way you say it, you know it means it’s the end of the week and the time to relax!!! I wanted to shake things up a bit and start my own little book meme called Flashback Friday today, instead of the normal “First Line Friday” that I usually participate in on Fridays. This Flashback Friday is all about The Redwall Series.

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Flashback Friday is pretty much exactly what it sounds like:

You think of a book or series that you read as a child. Rekindle that lost love affair that you once had for this book(s) by telling everyone what’s it about… pictures. How did it make you feel as a child? How do you feel talking about it right now? Just really pour your feelings into this childish wonder, and make us feel the same you felt when you first discovered it.

Fun and wholesome, right? I was just thinking about some past books that made me fall in love with reading, and I felt a deep sense of nostalgia and the urge to share it with all of you, so you can fall in love just like I did. It also made me want to reread them and just feel a sense of childish wonderment again.

Soooo… do I even have to say it? Fine…

Let’s get to it, guys!

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The Redwall Series by Brian Jacques

Google search image of Redwall book series scenery

Man, oh man… So many feelings and memories rush through me when I see any of the Redwall books. This series was many firsts for me. It was the first book series that I read. They were my first real brush with fantasy. I don’t want to quote this memory as fact, but I think they were the first books I read that were like “real” chapter novels and over 100 pages. I’m trying to think of other books that I could’ve read before these, and nothing’s coming to mind.

This series has over 20 books, so there are plenty of stories and characters to meet. What else could a kid want?

What the series is all about?

Amazon synopsis:

As the inhabitants of Redwall Abbey bask in the glorious Summer of the Late Rose, all is quiet and peaceful. But things are not as they seem. Cluny the Scourge–the evil one-eyed rat warlord, is hell-bent on destroying the tranquility as he prepares to fight a bloody battle for the ownership of Redwall. This dazzling story in the Redwall series is packed with all the wit, wisdom, humor, and blood-curdling adventure of the other books in the collection, but has the added bonus of taking the reader right back to the heart and soul of Redwall Abbey and the characters who live there.

So, this series, in my own memory of what it was, pretty much was a medieval fantasy series where the characters are woodland creatures, they live in an abbey, they have plenty of festivals and feasts for various celebrations of nature, and of course, there are enemies around trying to invade and steal their peace. And there are heroes (super cute and furry) found all around the Abbey, ready to defend it with their lives.

What I loved:

The Descriptiveness of the Scenery

Jacques masterfully described the foods, the smells, the drinks, the sights and sounds of the woods beyond the wall, the crystal blueness of the rivers and lakes, the way they danced and laughed, or the way some of them hobbled when they walked due to age… I mean, everything! The way the story was written, it was as if Jacques was begging the reader to embark on this journey with all their senses fully engaged, and what’s better than fully engaged senses as a child?

The Feasts

Google search image of Redwall Feasts

One thing I remember I loved to read about the most was the feasts. They were always told to make you believe it was the most magnificent feast that one could ever hope and wish to be invited to. There were so many foods to choose from, and enough treats to feed the entire forest. They would prepare for these festivals for months in advance, such as fermenting the brews in barrels the previous season and harvesting the acorns to create some type of pastry that could only be created during autumn.

It was these books that taught me what a scone was. Their scones were drenched in hand-churned butter made with sweet cream, and fresh honey right from the bee-hive thick and gooey and devilishly sweet. The meats were greasy and succulent, and the mead was strong and plentiful. They would drink in fellowship, while the troubadours sang a merry tune to dance to. These feasts always felt so warm and welcoming. Definitely my favorite scenes to read about, hands down!

The Heroes

Google search image of Matthias Redwall from the Redwall book series
That’s our boy Matthias right there..!

The heroes of Redwall were all unique and special. Even though there were plenty of heroes to be told about, they all had their own struggles and stories to unfurl, and they paid homage to their predecessors. Some of them even became reincarnates of the brave souls that walked the walls of the Abbey before them.

Matthias Redwall was the hero of the first novel, Redwall. He was a little mouse monk, shy and humble, but had big dreams of being a victor and going on big adventures as the legend and founder of Redwall, Martin the Warrior did long ago. Little did Matthias know that his own story would be whirled into one full of heroic adventures, legendary fights, and a budding love affair to give it a little more oomph. You absolutely fall in with this little mouse and his larger than life legacy that he leaves behind.

And Matthias is only one example of the incredible array of heroes this series has to offer.

There Are Soooo Many of Them…

EBAY result image for complete Redwall book series collection

One thing a child needs is variety and something that holds their attention. Reading as a child is no different… you need that variety and a surplus of material. That’s why the Redwall series was so amazing because there are so many books in the series to read that you won’t run out of material for a while, and you won’t get bored with the same story-line.

You’re going from the present to the future and then right back to the past depending on the book you’re reading at the moment, so you get to experience a well-rounded generational tale instead of a continuation of the same characters in the same setting. I was able to go back and forth and all around with this series, and I was completely enthralled by every set of characters that I encountered… a huge reason why this series was one of the first that I thought of when I decided to do this meme.

And that about sums it up…

So that’s it on my first Flasback Friday guys! This was so much fun to do and now I want to go and buy them all to reread. Definitely a series I want my children to love as well.

If you’re digging this meme, do your own Flashback Friday and come back here and comment the link to your post! I would love to read about the books that shaped your literary worlds.

Until next time…

Psssst! You can buy the complete set here if you loved what you read 🙂

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