Happy Saturday, friends of B+S! It’s May 30th, which means that June is knocking at our front doors ready to deliver us a new month and a fresh TBR straight from the oven. This TBR is special because I will be introducing my very first Netgalley approval, as well as cleaning off my OC (OwlCrate) shelf by reading a couple of the books that I received last year that remain unread. 

Side Note: Did anyone else watch the SpaceX launch?? Historical launch on the eve of a historical TBR month… coincidence? I think not!



Release Date: July 2020



When her secret is threatened, she may be the only one who can save the kingdom.

Sixteen-year-old Kira puts on a show about having empathic abilities, but she miraculously wakes a highborn boy from a coma after a near-fatal accident on mountainous slopes. When his father threatens to expose her “magic” to the queen, she attends the kingdom’s most elite academy as a bodyguard.

Soon, she’s immersed in a strange new life—one of being a simple student trying out for the school’s sky-boarding team. Her fake life becomes the life she’s always wanted, but Kira cannot escape who she truly is. Nothing in the court of the Raj is as it seems…

Will she risk her freedom to unmask a killer before the crown falls?

Welcome to the world of NetGalley: Where your ARC dreams come true, and your eBook fears must be put to rest… 

I’ve always been one to shy away from eBooks, not really liking to read digitally because I was so connected to the way a physical copy feels in my hands. The anticipation behind a turn of a page when you’re reading a really exciting part is unmatched, and it never felt the same whilst reading on a Kindle. 


Well.. long story, short… I had to shed my disdain for digital reading when I decided to get involved in some blog tours. All of them pretty much requires a NetGalley account where you can get your digital copy of the book. I had to bite the bullet and force some eReading down my own throat. 

When I created my account, and started to check out what NetGalley was all about, I fell in love with the selection of amazing books I could read before their release date. I immediately submitted requests for everything that caught my eye. 

My first approval: 

Girl with the Three Eyes.

What made me want this book??

1. The Cover: I was immediately caught by this cover because Third Eyes are like my witchy thing, and blood makes anything better.


2. Hindu Lore: I’ve always wanted to learn more on the Hindu culture, as well as venture into more ethnic authors such as Hafsah Faizal, author of We Hunt the FlameI absolutely loved this book and thoroughly enjoyed being submersed in the Arabic culture. I’m more than ready to experience the same thing with another author. 

I am a forever subscriber to the amazing monthly book box subscription service, OwlCrate. Each month, you receive a book of the month with an exclusive cover design, signed by the author, mostly Fantasy with a little Sci-Fi and Horror thrown in for good measure.  Because I get a new book every month, and I’m still getting review copies sent to me as well as buying my own  separate reads, I found that I had a lot of books from my first year as an OC subscriber that were left unread on my shelf.   This was NOT ok…   

I mean, these books were specially curated and are considered to be amazing reads.  There was no way I could just let them sit there on my shelf only to look pretty. To never be able to experience my hand gliding across their pristine, crisp pages. To never witness my eyes and my mind soaking in all of their breathtaking content…

There was just no way I could let that happen…

So, I did the right thing and placed them on June’s TBR. I’ve heard nothing but great things about both of these books and can’t wait to jump in those pages.   

These books are just 3 definite books I know that I will be starting this weekend and next week, but that doesn’t mean more won’t find there way onto my list! I still have plenty of NetGalley requests patiently waiting to hopefully be approved, and when they are, they will be joining the party.  I also could receive some read for review copies from authors that would certainly add some more oomph to the line-up.    All in all, June is going to be a pretty epic reading month for me. Bring it on!


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