Where the Magic of Books


With the Magic of our Universe

So, you want to know more about Bri, the girl behind B+S??

Reading has always been a innate passion for me- this made obvious when I taught myself how to read, at the age of four, with my older sisters’ old school books. You could put almost any genre in front of me, and I would dive in, head-first,  and wouldn’t stop until I had my fill. However, there was always something about a good ol’ fantasy novel, that always left my heart pining for more.  My hunger for a far-away fantasy read only became more insatiable as I grew older… I guess you could say I always had my head in the stars.

I took my passion for reading and the arts to college where I studied English Communications with a concentration in Theatre. I knew I had to grow up, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t be an adult living out my childhood literary love affair. 

As I matured into my goddess form, I quickly realized that my love for the magic in books made me crave a little real world magic of my own. That’s when I decided to do a little self-education on how we can manipulate the elements around us to create our own magic here on this plane. I soon developed a newfound relationship with nature and  I was able to uncover the secrets  of Terra, Luna, and the stars in the sky.

That’s when I decided to create: Books and Shadows or B+S (whichever you prefer)

Books and Shadows celebrates the magic we’re able to experience in both worlds: literary and literal. So grab your favorite read and your favorite crystal and let’s create some magic of our own, shall we? 

Let Me Review Your Book!! 

   B+S is a place where like-minded readers can come together and share their thoughts, excitement, and just general joy for all things bookish in nature.  I like to think of it as the book nerd’s weekly book-club meetup, where we fangirl/guy out about what’s to come, and what’s already here. I want to share your books with my club, and I promise to be totally honest and enthusiastic with each review I complete. 

My Book Review Policy

I am currently accepting limited and solicited Advanced Reading Copies (ARCs), Review Copies of books, and titles that have been issued no more than 4-6 months after publication. 

I am accepting physical book copies only. I know me… I will not read it in digital format. 

My passion is Young Adult Fantasy, so I’m going to lean towards those copies before anything else. I will, however, consider all aspects of the YA genre, and some Adult Fantasy and horror  will definitely be considered with almost as much enthusiasm… in some cases, even more. 

I also will review any books on earth-based spirituality, the metaphysical, and most eclectic topics. All will be selected with discretion. These subject matters can get a little out there, and some things will not collide with my belief systems. If I feel they don’t represent what’s true in my heart, I won’t waste my or your time.  


Let Me Showcase Your Products!!

I will shout out your Brand with a well-written review and elegantly done pictures of the packaging, and  the unboxing of your product. 

My posts would be simultaneously promoted on my social media platforms where I can provide discount codes for my followers, if you so choose.

The products I receive should go along with the values of what B+S is all about: Books, Natural Living, Fantasy Items, Witchy Things,  all things bookish in nature… We can chat further in regards to if your product and B+S is a good fit or not. 


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