As we approach the week leading up to our first New Moon of 2020, I felt that this beginner’s guide is just what you need to succeed in performing your first New Moon ritual. The New Moon marks the beginning of the Lunar Cycle, so if you were scratching your head wondering where to start or when to start manifesting with the Moon yourself, now is the perfect time.

Our Beautiful Luna

First, let’s talk about our dear friend, Luna.  The Moon goes through a lunar cycle, roughly every 28-29 days. From one New Moon to the next, is a complete Lunar Month. The Moon goes through 8 phases during that time: The New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, The Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter, and Waning Crescent. Each phase has its own unique ritual that can be performed during that time to manifest your energies.

Working with the different cycles of the Moon is an essential task to navigating the ebb and flow of our own personal journeys through this life. The fact that we ladies go through a 28-day menstrual cycle (for those who have regular cycles that is), just as the Moon does, isn’t lost to me. The Goddess form is so connected to Luna because we share the same energies. We vibe very well together. So, even though men can perform these rituals and get enrichment from doing so, us women have a deeper sentiment and will benefit far more. Realigning our lives with that of the Lunar Month should be second nature to us, and our ancestors knew just how to do that.

Moon magic is an ancient practice, originating in Egypt, Babylonia, India, and China. Those civilizations recognized the importance of the Moon’s cycles affecting all aspects of the world around them, such as the birth and death of plants, animals, and even human life. It’s time for us to regain this innate respect for what’s greater than us here on Terra and performing a little moon magic of your own is the perfect place to start.

What to Manifest during the New Moon?

When I think of the New Moon, I like to think of it as a time to sow new seeds of energy into the ground, so that I can tend to them during the phases and watch as they grow into the beautiful flowers I manifested. The New Moon is a perfect time to be still and reflective; a time to really focus on what new beginnings we want to bring into our lives. Do you want to start cooking more? Make more time to spend with your dogs? Do you want to feel more sexy, feminine, more connected to your Goddess form? The New Moon is your point of contact in obtaining these things. There is no wrong intention. If it is something that your heart desires, it is a true intention. Nothing is too trivial and being direct and concise about what you want is the ticket to making your dreams and desires come true. So, use this time to be selfish. This is your time to ask yourself what you really need in your life, and there is no need to be shy about it.

You want to start thinking about what you want the days leading up to the New Moon so that when the day to get moving is here, you’re locked, loaded and ready to go! No need to waste precious time because Luna moves quickly and before you know it, the time to perform a different ritual with a different phase will be upon us.

Let’s start Manifesting:

Find Your Sacred Space

Having a safe place that’s free from wandering eyes and negative energies is a crucial first step to any ritual you perform. Many onlookers or outsiders to the Craft have undesired and confusing emotions and thoughts when it comes to performing any type of ritual or spell. Many view these with stigmas and are quite biased to them. They don’t understand, therefore they project their fears on everything that makes them feel uneasy. Well, we don’t want these types of harmful energies interfering with all the good we’re trying to bring into our lives, so it’s better if you have a safe place to perform your rituals away from anyone who doesn’t truly understand your purpose and intent. This is not the time to explain yourself, only the time to learn yourself.

A Simple Prayer

You want to begin your morning with a prayer to have an open heart as you begin to search for what it is you truly desire. This doesn’t have to be a fancy prayer at all. Just keep it simple. Keep it concise. Make sure it’s heartfelt and true to what you need. Be honest.

A nice prayer to start with is:

Dear Universe,


I welcome Transformation

I welcome Growth

I welcome Abundance

I know what it is my Life Needs and I’m open to receiving all things meant for Me.

So Mote It Be

Cleanse Your Space

I like to look at cleansing my space the same way I look at cleaning my kitchen. I won’t begin to cook a glorious dinner with the kitchen a mess and all the dishes in the sink. So why would I begin my monthly intention setting in a space full of old, stale energy? I wouldn’t! I gotta clean those cobwebs of past traumas, sadness, anger, and whatever else is hanging around, out. I don’t need them taking up space where all my good energy needs to go. So how do I cleanse my space?


There are many ways to clear your home, but smudging is my go-to, and it has yet to fail me. Now if you don’t know how to smudge, you can check out this very informative article that breaks down the art, but for now, I’ll keep it uncomplicated.

Smudging is basically taking some dried herbs, plants, or wood and burning it to create a purifying smoke that you walk around your home to cleanse out stagnant energy. There are tons of smudges to use, but white sage and rosemary are some go-to’s for beginners. You want to make sure that you have a window or door open to the outside to move the smoke and energies out as you go. You have to sweep it out, otherwise, you’re just sitting in a smoky room full of poopy energy. And no one wants that.

 As you’re moving along your home or sacred space, you’ll want to chant a little prayer to help move things along. Again, nothing fancy here, just simple and concise:

I cleanse myself and my home of all things that are not for me or

Are meant to bring me harm.

 I release all negative thoughts and emotions from my mind and body

So that I may be of pure heart and have perfect peace and harmony.

So Mote It Be.

Prepare Your Body

With all change, there needs to be a release of old to allow room for the new. I like to prepare for the New Moon with deep breathing and dance to release what no longer serves a purpose in my life. I set a timer for 5 minutes and just focus on deep, meaningful breathing.

 Breathe in deep with your hand on your belly, so that you can feel the rise and fall. I visualize in my third eye the inhale is a golden vapor filling me with renewed energy, and the exhale releases a black vapor that is full of the old, stagnant energy that’s been filling my body from the previous Lunar Month.

When I’m done with my breathwork, I then put on some of my favorite tunes… music that causes my body to ignite and makes me want to dance all my blues away. This is when I release all the tension from my body. I let my limbs get loose, and my thoughts melt away like wax to a flame. I dance it all away, and I don’t stop until I feel it’s time. It’s different for everyone, so there is no time limit on how long it takes for you to feel this task is complete. You will know when you’re renewed.

List Your Intentions

Once you have really focused your thoughts on what you truly desire, meditate over the question of what it is your life is lacking. Take 10 minutes to really reflect on this question. Let your heart decide, not your mind, what you wish to invite into your life.

 Once you’ve meditated, take out a piece of paper (I have a sacred notebook that I write and keep my monthly moon intentions in), date it,  and write down 10 intentions you desire to manifest over the next Lunar Month. You should have a clear answer by now of what you want, and you should have no problem finding 10 intentions to focus on. In fact, you may have more trouble shrinking the list you’ve come up with down to 10. Make sure your list of intentions are written in a positive form: “I am” and not “I want”. You want to claim these things as your truth, so don’t focus on wanting or needing them, focus on embodying them. These intentions are yours for the taking, you are manifesting them into your life.

After you’ve written down your list, take another 5 minutes to meditate over what you’ve come up with. Did anything on the list not sit on your soul well? Are your thoughts wandering back to an intention you left off the list? Make changes to those things on the list that really doesn’t make your soul feel something. Believe me, your soul will reveal what isn’t working or what’s missing, don’t ignore it!

Wrapping It Up

Now that we’ve got our bodies clear and ready to receive all these new blessings, it’s time to close out the ritual. There are many ways to close this out, but I like to close with a short prayer of thanks to the Universe, and a little reflection of gratitude for the gifts I’ve received thus far. Showing gratitude is an important step because it releases positive energy back into the Universe. You can’t just take without giving something back, showing appreciation is a great way to do just that.

Time to Watch Them Grow

Now that you’ve completed your New Moon ritual, just sit back and watch your intentions manifest. During the different phases following the New Moon, there are other tasks to complete to help bring your manifestations to fruition. We’ll dig into those later, but for now, you’ve planted your seeds and that’s the most important first step to bringing change into your life.

During the next New Moon ritual, take a look at the list you’ve written from the previous month, and cross out the intentions that were actually manifested into your life. You can choose to relist the intentions that you didn’t’ achieve if you still feel strongly about them, or you could find that they no longer serve a purpose in your life and you can choose to move on. Again, the New Moon ritual is all about feeling, listen to your heart. It won’t lead you astray.

I hope that you all found this guide to Manifesting with the New Moon helpful! I remember that feeling of being a deer caught in headlights the first time I attempted to do my first ritual, and I was most grateful for those who helped guide me through the process. I would love to hear from you guys, and know if you manifest your dreams as well. Please don’t be shy, leave a comment down below and share your experiences… or if you have some additional steps to the process you would love to share, do so! We would all love to hear them. Talk to you soon!   

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