Ahhhh…. Wednesday. My day of writing mischief. The day I indulge myself in some random bookish meme’ing. My meme’ing has no rhyme or reason, and generally is all over the place. I often look at my peers’ blogs, and their consistency amazes me. The way they post the same memes every week with something new and exciting to say each time…

I see you… and at times I get a twinge of envy…. 

However, I know that me and my blog walk a rockier path. We’re sorta the lone wolves of book blogging. We just smell around, post when the urge beckons us, and howl at the full moon… and the new moon… and the first and last quarter. 

I digress…

 As I set out on my search for the latest victim to be included in my book meme hodgepodge, I ran across Shelf Control. Shelf Control is done every Wednesday and hosted over at Bookshelf Fantasies. This meme is pretty neat, and fits my erratic bookish lifestyle: 

This is perfect for me because I am the Queen of buying books and letting them sit on my shelf… forever! Never to be touched by anyone but me!!! It’s my preciouses!!!


So, yeah… I have the perfect book for my first Shelf Control Post. It was gifted to me and has been sitting on my shelf mocking me with it’s seductive cover and dark persona: 




PublisherG.P. Putnam’s Sons Books for Young Readers

Publishing Date: October 2019

Hardcover, 448 pages

I was gifted this beautiful, Beautiful by a supervisor at my job. Him and his fiance were big book lovers, his fiance even having her own “Bookband” store. He noticed I was always reading at work, and we began to connect through reading. 

Christmas 2019, he says he has a gift for me, and hands me this book. Love, love loooooooooove him! He really brought my love of reading to another level and inspired me to get this blog going. I really owe a lot of my ambition to him. 



Check out Bookbanditz Bookmark’s IG and buy some! 


The main reasons behind me wanting to read this so badly are so shallow. I mean… a pretty face can make a girl do just about anything, ehm I right?!

Well… when it comes to covers, this seductive, velvety wonder knows exactly what I want. I’m almost drawn to it whenever I walk past it… I can feel it’s breath on my neck pleading with me to ravage it. 

Y’know, if you’re into cover art and all… this one doesn’t disappoint.

I mean, c’mon, the book is about vampires. That alone makes me want to tear through it. But the subject matter combined with the deep scarlet, black and silver colors that dance around the dust jacket, hypnotizing all that lay eyes upon it,  just ups the intrigue that much more. 




That’s it guys… the book that my heart has been pondering over these days.

I absolutely love this meme, and will making it an honorary, repetitive meme on B+S.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it, and I hope that you will comment with your Shelf Control blog post links so I can see what’s on your want list. 


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