Oh, hello September! Fancy seeing you here so quickly. It seems like it was only yesterday that July was here, and I was preparing for my big August TBR haul, and now I’m staring at the calendar with a pit in my belly that I let it  all slip through my little fingers. This wouldn’t be the first month I didn’t reach my reading goals (life seems to always happen to me…) however, this is the first month that I read 6 books at the same time, but didn’t completely finish one! **Cue the dramatic scream as a glass drops in the background soundbite**  I know, right?! It’s insane. It’s like,  I was doing a good bit of reading, but I was also super preoccupied in August as well with a bunch of birthdays and new work stresses, so I was reading as much as I could (when I got the chance) from each book before passing out from exhaustion around 9 pm every night. Well, who am I to give up on myself so easily without a good fight? I deserve it to myself and those authors to finish what I started! That’s why September has to be my “Do-Over TBR” month because life happens, and everyone deserves a second chance, right? 


Right! Soooo…

Sooo… because I talked about these books in my  last WWW Wednesday post, I won’t get into what these books are about too much, but I can give a little update on my love or hate for them: 


We Hear Voices:  

This book is not disappointing on the creep factor. Our young MC  comes out of the other side of a near-death experience (from a super deadly virus) with an imaginary friend who tells him what to do and who to do it too. This “friend” starts off harmless enough of course, but, slowly, her devious sides are beginning to poke through. This is a great read for transitioning from Summer into Fall as well. The atmosphere just seems right. 

How to Break an Evil Curse:

I honestly am not digging this book too much. There’s something about the writing style that just throws me off a bit. It’s the one I’ve read the least amount from, and will only come back to it after I finish all the other books first. 


The House of Styx: 

The world-building in this book is so intricate and the subject matter is so bleak that this book quickly became a serious, focused read. I do enjoy reading about dying planets and the separation of classes into “rich enough to live” and “poor enough to suffer until you die…” scenarios, so the narrative definitely speaks to me. This is my second least progressed read. 

The Conductors: 

I’ve read a good bit of The Conductors,  and I have mixed feelings. This book gives me Underground Railroad meets Sherlock Holmes. The two MCs are a married couple who wields magic from the stars. They use sigils designed after various constellations to not only help free slaves from captivity but also solve murders in Philadelphia- the city they call home after they escaped slavery themselves. 

I love the astronomy aspect of the magic… that part I really do love. However, the story seems to creep and focus on the day to day intently, making the book drag. To be this far in the book and still be a bit bored with it isn’t that great of a sign that it will kick up, but I have hope. We shall see. 


The Raven Boys and A Darker Shade of Magic :

Soooooo… I absolutely love both of these books. The end. Seriously. I cannot believe I waited so long to read them. What a shame. I’m totally engrossed in their stories and when I leave them and come back to read, it’s like I’m tuning back into a much-anticipated show series. 

These books have been out for a while, and they’re kind of a big deal to like everyone… and usually, I don’t post reviews on A-Listers such as these, but they’re too good to pass. I think I may have to write a review for each one… we shall see. 

Well, considering that I’m pretty much well into most of these books, and the others won’t be that hard to read, I will be done with these books within the week. I will then move on to some creepier reads I think? Some thrillers and horror… mysteries, maybe? 

I also plan to go and start requesting more NetGalley copies after I clean up my TBR mess that I made. I don’t like stacking more on top of what’s to already be done if I can help it. 

More book tours will be on the horizon as well, if they’ll have me, that is. I really loved participating in them and was able to connect with so really amazing bloggers out there. 


 As far as Books and Shadows goes, I took some time off to really re-focus on the direction the blog was headed and the content that I was presenting.

I decided to change up the look on some of my graphics and really wanted to expand my subject matter to showcase some of my best writing. I’m really excited about the changes and hope you guys are as well. 

Thanks for coming along for the ride! 


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